4. Work Hard to Pass Legislation on a State Level to Prevent Mississippi from Becoming a Safe Haven for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigration is a real problem in Mississippi. We, as American Citizens, are allowing the Government to pick our pockets daily as Illegal Immigrants are taking from services; such as, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Education, Jobs, etc. These are services that belong to the American People that are paid for by the Hard- Working American Citizens; including those who have legally attained their citizenship. In the past few weeks, over four hundred Illegal Immigrants were removed from a factory close to our area. Immediately, four hundred jobs were opened to American Citizens without spending one dollar on Economic Development. Alabama recently passed Legislation against Illegal Immigration that goes in effect September 1, 2011. I foresee an influx of Illegal Immigrants crossing our State Line. I will sponsor and support legislation that will prevent our state from becoming a Safe Haven for Illegal Immigrants.

Paid for by Friends to elect William (Tracy) Arnold Representative District 3; Ruth McCoy, Treasurer.

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